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SOLAR FAKE 08.12.2018 @ On The Rocks

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Liitunud: 22 Veeb 2012
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Asukoht: Tallinn

PostitusPostitatud: 15. november, 2018 0:20    Teema: SOLAR FAKE 08.12.2018 @ On The Rocks Vasta viitega

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Paar stiilinäidet uuelt, 2018.a. albumilt "You win .Who cares ?"
Sick Of You:
The Pain That Kills You Too:

Electro duo Solar Fake, led by Sven Friedrich and having recently risen to one of the most remarkable acts of the dark scene, is coming back to Helsinki after a two-year break!
After the last show in 2016, which was a stunning success, it became obvious that this was gonna happen again. So December 2018 seems to be the perfect time to repeat the party, as particularly this year the band’s new release is expected to be released. Actually the Helsinki show might apparently become one of the first live shows offering the chance to hear the brand new tracks since the actual European tour in support of the new record will start only in 2019.

After the last album “Another Manic Episode” released in 2015 and subsequent tour with numerous sold-out shows, Solar Fake has achieved the list of the most desirable acts of the European dark electro scene. The duo has toured a lot, including the United States, and appeared, of course, at large festivals in their home country, Germany, as well as in other European countries, Russia and South America.

Grab your tickets now as another unforgettable show is guaranteed again for sure!
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