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31.3.12 -TMW2012:World Clinic presents/ Woodstock/Rockstar´s

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black star

Liitunud: 16 Veeb 2004
Postitusi: 213
Asukoht: Tallinn

PostitusPostitatud: 15. märts, 2012 14:58    Teema: 31.3.12 -TMW2012:World Clinic presents/ Woodstock/Rockstar´s Vasta viitega

Klubis Woodstock/Rockstar´s (Tatari 6, Tallinn)
Tallinn Music Week 2012: World Clinic presents

21:50 Fonovel (PL)
FONOVEL is a trio from Poland that electrifies audience with dynamic compositions referring to the analog sounds of 70's and 80's. Energizing rhythms, melodic riffs and vibrating synths - this is how Fonovel sounds live. The album "Good Vibe" was released in March in 2011 by SP RECORDS PL. After enthusiastic response of the audience and music journalist, the band played at thefollowing festivals: Heineken Opener Festival(PL), Coke Live Music Festival(PL), Popkomm Festival Berlin(D) - 2011.
Fonovel are: Radek Bolewski (voc, percussion), Paweł Cieślak (minimoog) and Dominik Figiel (guitar).


22:45 Motorama (RUS)
One of the most acclaimed Russian indie acts in recent years, Motorama is a five-piece band from Rostov-on-Don, although they sound rather Nordic than as a band from the Southern river-port of Russia. Driven by intense post-punk rhythm section, their songs are full of dreamy twee pop tunes and accompanied live with self-made visuals of thick forests and waterfalls — which makes Motorama a band with an attitude of their own. Although they have released just one album "Alps" in 2010 and did it on their own, they performed as headliners at major Russian music festivals such as Moscow's Afisha Picnic that gathers 70000 people and played at large European festivals like Exit in Noviy Sad. In 2011 they went on their first European tour and performed at Kill Your Pop festival along with Deerhunter, Hype Williams, Shackleton and others, in the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam and over twenty other venues across Europe.
"Their music is an unexpected twist on the well-minded pool of post-punk references"
Dazed & Confused
"There's something interesting going on in Russia, but I believe that Motorama are the forerunners of this burgeoning movement. I'm quite surprised they haven't had more attention!"
Jacob Graham of The Drums in NME
"The best English-singing band in Russia"
Afisha magazine


23:45 Andres Lõo
Andres Lõo on laulja ja helilooja, kes Eesti muusikamaailmas tuntud ka rocktroonilise Opium Flirt'i laulja ning postproge ansambli Luarvik Luarvik asutajaliikme ning trummarina. Tema teine sooloalbum "Love Bomb Letter" (Vitamiin, 2011) oli diametraalselt erinev eelmisest, "Skeletons on Rock" nimelisest albumist (Laton, 2009, Austria). "LBL" märksõnadeks on siirus, naiivsus, retro-futuristlik pop ja electro funk. "Love Bomb Letter" on ühemehe varietee - varjamatu, aus ja melodramaatiline. Lõo muusikaline taust on segu avant-rockist ja elektroonilisest popist. Plaadifirma VITAMIIN Loft all on helilooja 2012. aastal avaldamas ligi kolme uue albumi jagu muusikat. Neist ühega tullakse 2012 märtsis uue artisti nime alla välja.
Andres Lõo is a singer/performer from Tallinn, capital of Estonia. His second solo album 'Love Bomb Letter' (VITAMIIN) was a combination of melodramatic melodies, naïveté, retro-futuristic pop, love bombing and gluey electro funk. All spiced up with heart ache vocals for cherries on the cake. His first solo album 'Skeletons on Rock' was released in 2009 on Laton (Vienna, Austria). Perhaps his most important collaborations have been the Estonian postprog combo Luarvik Luarvik and the rocktronic trio Opium Flirt (vocals). The artist is currently working on new material that - as a new artistic and musical entity - will be an extended collaboration, based on Lõo's ideas and production. By March 2012 the material will be presented under a brand new moniker.


00:30 And Then You Die (FIN)
And Then You Die over 6 million years old.
PRAGUE (Reuters-AP) – Scientist find evidence to support the And Then You Die posse. The term ‘And Then You Die’ designates the speculative notion that an audio group is responsible for the most ancient civilizations on earth. German researcher Erich von Däniken claims that the group he prefers to call ‘Atyd’ (the officially accepted name is ‘And Then you Die’) were introduced by astronauts from another world. He questions not just the capacity for memory, but the capacity for culture and civilization itself, in this group. Prehistoric humans did not develop their own arts and music, but rather were taught art and music by visitors from outer space.

Lisainfo: http://​​ATYD​atyd​and+then+you+die​watch?v=4hSOUgk4FU4&feature​=player_embedded​watch?v=txI4mDr1-vk&feature​=player_embedded#!​watch?v=ai61KPZNvGM&feature​=player_embedded

01:30 Mono No Aware (GER)
Mono No Aware is German power noise act musician Leif Künzel on the Hands Productions music label. The project was a duo until former band member Stefan Böhm left in early 2002. Mono No Aware has performed live in various countries. Leif Künzel also has a sideproject called NORM which has had two releases so far (Zeithain in 2003 and Was der Mensch braucht in 2004) on Hands. Leif has also collaborated live with rhythmic noise act MS Gentur as MS Mono in the past, resulting in some tracks on samplers.
Kitanai Yatsu (CD, 2000)
Kika No Sekai (CD, 2002)
Kikai No Sekai (LP, 2003)
Kataku (CD, 2005)
Ketoujin (CD, 2008)
Pachinko to Hanbaagaa (MCD, 2010)


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here today hell tomorrow!
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