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29.03 STandART,Starring Two-support by DJ Momentz & GAC

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Liitunud: 1 Märts 2004
Postitusi: 948

PostitusPostitatud: 18. märts, 2008 19:32    Teema: 29.03 STandART,Starring Two-support by DJ Momentz & GAC Vasta viitega

Saturday, March 29
Depeche Mode Bar (Nunne 4)

EDMFK season opening party!

Live acts:

STandART (lat)


supported by:
DJ Momentz (lat)
DJ GAC (lat)

Start 22.00

Entrace 75 eek / EDMFK members 50 eek

Welcome to Australia!

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Liitunud: 1 Märts 2004
Postitusi: 948

PostitusPostitatud: 19. märts, 2008 13:36    Teema: Vasta viitega

About STandART.

Latvian dark-electro band STandART, after 5 self-released maxi-singles,
have released their first full-time album "Australia".
English version of the album is released on CD format, whereas the
Latvian edition "Austràlija" is available via digital download.
The album includes already known singles as "Seven Times", "Corrosion",
"The Great Absoultion", "Fernfahrertraum",
and also several completely new songs, including the latest radio-single
for Latvian medias "Kà Citi Dzïvo" ("How The Others Live").
Album "Australia" has been produced by the band itself collaborating with
Kaspars Tobis (most known Latvian gothic rock band "Dzelzs Vilks"),
and Sandris Savickis ("Starring Two"). The album release was followed
by "Australia Tour" across the Baltic States, Poland and a release party in Berlin, Germany.
With album "Australia" STandART were nominated for
the Best Debut 2007 at Latvian Music Awards.

STandART is an unusal band in the Baltic States region, widely using the
sound of analogue synthesizers and playing as live as possible in concerts
that is not characteristic for such a music.
The band creates a mixture of different elements and styles from electro,
synthpop, new wave and post-punk to gothic, ambient and industrial,
and that makes STandART attracting to audiences of all the mentioned styles.
STandART was founded in 2002 in Latvian town Jelgava by Kalvis Kluburs.
During the next years the band experienced permanent member and musical direction changes,
but later things established and STandART are: Kalvis Kluburs, Juris Tipa de Casar, Harry Belsky, Vladislav Belsky.

It was the 4th STandART single "Corrosion" (released in November 2006 that gained a wider attention of medias.
"Corrosion" gave STandART the first significant chart-success for this
alternative style of music as the self-directed video entered
the main rotation of Latvian Music Channel and the song reached no.21 in Latvian Airplay charts,
spent 6 weeks at no.1 in biggest Latvian alternative radio NABA, and was played and reviewed in several foreign countries.
It was the first STandART single that featured several remixes from various electro artists
from the UK, Poland and Belgium. Reviewers underline that although STandART’s musical direction is clear,
the band creates a very special and unique sound.
Without any doubts, STandART had become one of the leading electro acts in Baltic region.

The release of the single was followed by "Corrosion Tour" across the Baltic States.
The tour ended joining German legendary band "Camouflage" on their "Relocated Tour" – playing at Latvian aftershow party
and being the support act in Tallinn, Estonia. Shortly before, STandART had made a remix for "Camouflage" song "We Are Lovers".
In April 2007 "Corrosion" was released on USA radio "Dark Horizons" compilation.

The next STandART single "Seven Times" also lead Radio NABA charts,
and its video was included in MTV Baltic and Latvian Music Channel rotations.
For Latvian audience, there was a new promo-single offered, titled "Kà Citi Dzïvo" ("How The Others Live")
simultaneously with the release of the first album "Australia". This single repeated the exposure and success of the previous ones.
The band reached the Top10 of the year 2007 summary chart at Radio NABA with "Corrosion" (no.4)
and "Seven Times" (no.Cool. An alternate sources even named "Seven Times" as song of the year 2007 on Radio NABA.

Year 2008 STandART have started with already confirmed inclusion of "Seven Times"
on a sampler of the British gothic magazine TWF, a German support site launching at and
a planned new double-a-side single "Australia / My Holiness" release with new videos + German
and Italian electro artists’ remixes of their still beloved "Corrosion (Korrosion)".
STandART is looking for a collaboration for releasing and distributing "Australia" album outside the Baltic states.

STandART have also been known for their specific self-directed videos that have recieved a good feedback
on various video festivals and televisions in Latvia and abroad.
Every year STandART videos have been named as one of the best alternative music videos in Latvia.
Although previously all STandART maxi-singles were released by the band itself,
STandART video has appeared also on DVD compilation "The Best of Latvia" released by Latvian major label "MicRec".

STandART is:

Kalvis Kluburs
Juris Tipa de Casar
Harry Belsky
Vladislav Belsky

Since Juris Tipa de Casar has moved to live in Mexico, he is being replaced by guest guitarist Modris Matisans for live performances.

STandART contacts:
MySpace page:
German support page:
Webpage (reconstruction):


"Starring Two" was formed by Sandris Savickis and Edgars Kuriks back in 2004, in the city of Jurmala, Latvia.
The band has a wide variety of influences such as new-wave, synthpop,
ambient, progrock. The group has played a few shows over the last year, and its first recorded songs "He Said", "Rotterdam" and "Joe Blow"
has recieved a good feedback from the electronic music listeners.
Sandris Savickis has been also the producer of "Corrosion" single by another Latvian band "STandART".
Currently "Starring Two" is writing new songs and preparing their first album.

Listen to Starring Two :

You could find STandART debut album Australia from DM Bar (Nunne 4) and from LaseringSmile
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Liitunud: 1 Märts 2004
Postitusi: 948

PostitusPostitatud: 28. märts, 2008 16:46    Teema: Vasta viitega

bit of a teasing moment
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